7 tips to maintain your hair colour in between salon appointments

7 tips to maintain your hair colour in between salon appointments

Roots overdue for a touchup? Hair colour starting to fade? When you can’t make it to the hair salon and want to leave your hair colour up to your stylist, you can still maintain and extend the life of your hair colour at home in between salon appointments with these 7 tips:

Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners help maintain the natural oils on your scalp, leaving your hair feeling more moisturized, preserving shine and keeping your hair colour fresher, longer. Whether you’re a vibrant redhead or a bold brunette, our sulfate-free Color Lustre Shampoo and Conditioner prevent your hair colour from fading, protect the hair fibre, and balance the scalp’s natural oils. Both Color Lustre shampoo and conditioner feature two of our most precious ingredients, Musk Rose Oil and Goji Berry Extract. Musk Rose Oil is rich in fatty acids that deeply nourish and strengthen the hair fibre, while Goji Berry Extract is loaded with antioxidant-rich goji berry extract to protect the hair from fading.

While there is nothing more relaxing than taking a hot shower, high water temperatures can contribute to quick fading colour. Hot water strips away colour faster by opening the surface of the hair cuticle and allowing colour to escape. Shower using cooler temperatures to prolong your hair colour and shine.

Stylist Hair Tip: To boost shine and seal in hair colour, quickly rinse your hair with cold water after you are finished conditioning. The cold water will help reseal the hair cuticle and lock in your hair colour.

Over-cleansing your hair results in the natural oils on your scalp being stripped away. This leads to a loss in moisture and results in less shine and hair colour that fades quickly. To protect your hair colour from fading, try skipping a few days in between washes.

No matter the season, UV rays can damage and fade your hair colour. Just as you would apply sunscreen to your face as part of your everyday skincare routine, always apply a protective product to your colour-treated hair before heading outside. The antioxidant-rich goji berry extract in our Color Lustre hair products helps protects the hair from fading in the sun. Taking a vacation soon? Stock up on your favourite on-the-go colour-treated hair care with our Color Lustre travel size hair products.

If you find yourself reaching for heat styling tools often, it is important to use a leave-in conditioning treatment that helps protect against heat and keep hair moisturized. Frequent heat styling can dry out your hair and accelerate hair colour fade. To maintain healthy and shiny hair when styling, apply our Color Lustre Thermo-Milk Blow Dry Primer as a prep product before blow-drying. This leave-in heat protectant for colour-treated hair provides lightweight conditioning from mid-lengths to ends while preserving shiny hair colour.

Keeping your colour-treated hair moisturized is key to fighting hair colour fade. To help maintain hair colour in between salon visits, apply a colour-safe hair mask 1-2 times per week in place of your usual conditioner. Our Color Lustre Hair Mask instantly restores the hair’s protective layer to delicately preserve hair colour and deeply nourish the hair fibre leaving deeply conditioned vibrant, shiny hair.

Give your hair colour a refresh with our Color Lustre Cool Shades Reviving Hair Balm or Warm Shades Reviving Hair Balm. Whether you’re highlighted, balayaged, or all over blonde, this coloured conditioner restores the vibrancy of blonde hair or grey hair and lets you hold on to that just-coloured feeling. This silicone-free, shade reviving, nourishing hair balm is designed as a post-shampoo hair treatment that refreshes and intensifies platinum or golden tones, while preventing fading between salon visits.


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